Proposal: Virium Wellness Retreat and Company Head Quarters

Welcome to my proposal for Virium Wellness Retreat and Head Quarters. A spacious, botanical center with accommodation units; yoga studio; open plan kitchen-dining and a growing house for exotic plants from all walks of life. As a working retreat, our residents nurture the plants they rely on for nutrition and medicine; the off-cuts are used to dye fabric for uniforms. Plants and people grow as one here. 


Proposed Site Plan 1:500 (A1)

Mini Axonometrics of Proposal

View of yoga studio balcony, and communal balcony (accessible from accommodation units); that sit above open plan kitchen-dining.

Floor plans drawn at 1:100 (A1) for Ground level, First floor and Second floor.

Entrance - First Steps Plan

Floor plan drawn at 1:20, Ground level entrance pathway

Perspective Views

1:100 (A0) Transversal Section

Water fall steps - Thermal Pool heated by Hydrolysis Chamber - The Growing House 

1:50 (A1) Longitudinal Section

The Reading Ladder


1:20 (A1) Transversal Section

Hydrolysis Chamber stimulates toxin release through steam distillation.


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