Podium Drawing

Architectural documentation of the podium event.


1:10 Architectural Plan of 'Podium'

This drawing represents the podium event in three phases: speech; test; exit. 

1:10 Architectural Section of 'Podium'

This drawing displays the internal pattern of the podium and the sliding close of the lid. 

Architectural Elevation of 'Podium'


The construction of the podium is crucial to the sincerity of the experience. The appropriate positioning of doorways, the lid, and entrance platform all contribute to the execution of each event. With dismantling and constructing on a regular basis, it is important the procedure outlined below is followed to ensure consistency in the set-up. 

1. Base (composed of two octagons, glued on first assembly) is placed into position.

2. Ensure top frame and inner frame are secured together (glued with wood glue upon first assembly). 

3. Lid frame is attached to top frame.

4. First statutory panel is drilled into base ( each panel has 6 X 33mm brass screws. 3 into the base, 3 into the top frame)

.5. Adjacent panel is drilled into place.

6. Opposite panel is drilled into place. 

7. Top frame is lowered into the center of panels and drilled on lower rim. Structure is now stable.   

8 + 9. Remaining two panels drilled into position, top and bottom.

10. Hinges screwed onto the left side of openings, using 12mm woodscrews.

11. Doors screwed into hinges. 

12. Back half of lid place onto top frame.

13. Sliding lid then slides into place, over back statutory door. 

14. 3 Doors should all open and stand flush against panels. 

15. Close lid when participant is inside. 

 © 2020 by Elizabeth Flora Nixon