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3D Modelling Tunnel in Rhino: Development Process

The first step to design the cleaning tunnel was to mock up the approximate shape I wanted to achieve, and where the breaks in the facade were going to sit. I then drew outline curves of the tunnel shape. To achieve a spatial form, I used 'Network Surface from Outline Curves' command to draw a fluid shape (first iterations on the row of coloured models).

Once satisfied with the fluid form, I repeatedly used the commands 'Mesh from Nurbs object' and 'Mesh to nurbs object' back and forth, to adapt how the fluid shape could be broken into panels. The larger the polygons the larger the glass panels would be; and the simpler the net. However, the fluidity of the form is lost. My goal was to achieve a balance of fluidity with a reasonable number of glass panels. The final step was to 'unroll', and make 2d. This presented an outline of each panel with dimensions.

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