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Creation of a Country

Alice in Wonderland and The Crystal Maze were the starting points for our team to establish a country. What intrigued us about the stories? What elements were unknown/known?

The distortion within wonderland captured our attention; everything was familiar but different. Alice becomes trapped in this world of seemingly usual components and characters, but their behavior becomes questionable. A strange turn of events presents itself to Alice in a way she cannot refuse nor escape.

This physical entrapment and gradual mental manipulation sparked a story for us. What if a world presented itself in a manner that hid its true colours, whilst fronting as something we desire? A country; a team; an establishment, posing as a saving grace, never revealing its blackened motif.

But what if this blackened motif had good intentions, but executed them in a questionable manner - reflective of the brutal, but realistic presentation throughout vegan propaganda. They have the best intentions, but their approach is questionable.

With this, I present to you our country VIRIUM.

'Vividi Emperium' is Latin for 'Green Empire'.

More and more people are opting for a plant based diet, but how can this be achieved sustainably and safely? How can we ensure we stay nourished? The vegan propaganda pushes us to make these changes but the online world is swamped with contradictory approaches. Virium Head Quarters is the ultimate vegan wellness retreat. Providing education and guidance on a self-sufficient plant-based lifestyles; residents learn to nurture and utilise plants, while watching them grow. A green haven on a concrete metropolis of a planet, Virium is hard to resist.

Little do they know; the retreat has a shadow. The founders are looking to the future - when a diet will not be enough to save our planet. We are over populated. And there is one, very simple remedy.

You do not ever leave Virium. You cannot return. Yet, there you forever will continue to grow. After all, we should all devote our bodies to the Green Planet.

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