• Elizabeth Flora Nixon

Occupancy Timeline

A sketched elevation of site, Bath Union Workhouse, showing the occupants throughout history.

1834: Amendments to the ‘Poor Laws’ led to a severe decline in welfare and care for the poor.

1838: The Workhouse was built; all poorhouses in the parish were amalgamated into one force.

1845: Wages across the country declined and the number of poor citizens increased. The Workhouse built for 600 people, homed 758 adults and 374 children.

1899: Overcrowding worsened conditions; by now 4,289 dead bodies have been burried adjacent to the workhouse.

1905: Renamed to ‘Frome Road House Poor Law Institution’.

1940: Emergency hospital services overtook the institution throughout WWII.

1948: With the inauguration of the NHS; St Martin’s Hospital was founded.

2021: The Prime Minister sells off the NHS; leaving The Workhouse VACANT.

2040: Joaquin Pheonix establishes VIRIUM; a welfare community dedicated to fundamentals and education of veganism.

3010: By now; in plants we must trust.

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