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The construction of the podium had very clear defined steps. Following production of the Rhino model, all pieces were cut from plywood using the CNC for precision; particularly important for the internal angles of the octagonal surrounds. These pieces were then all sanded down to ensure they could be painted smoothly. The internal faces were painted black and any external face was white.

Once dried, the pattern designed by the team (inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the crystal maze and urban metropolis), was spray painted onto the internal black panels. The stencils to create the pattern were laser cut onto 5mm mdf. Once the green pattern had been applied, the UV spray painted could be applied on top. The UV reveals hidden messages once inside the podium, and the lid is shut.

After all pieces were sanded and painted; assembly was the next step. The bases were set on the ground and three columns erected. Whilst these were manually supported, the lid/top frame was drilled in place. This formed a stable structure that could then be free standing to erect the remaining 5 columns and stationary panels. The hinges could then be aligned to the panels and screwed. The doors where then marked with a dot to show hinge placement and attached accordingly.

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