The recruitment process has been designed to ensure Virium welcomes the most resilient and competent of applicants. The design of the podium presents itself as a test. The clean exterior contrasts with the paranormal environment that floods the interior upon entering. An iterative process resulted in the design of a pattern; a seamless illusion lining the podium creates the  most immersive experience. Stay orientated. Stay alert. 

The gateway to Virium awaits you. The podium moves across cities in search of those who are willing. Following a speech that opens your eyes to the prospects of Virium, candidates are invited to partake in the simple test designed to push your physical competence and mental strength. Enter the podium, and choose your next steps with caution. Upon successful completion of the test, Virium looks forward to welcoming you to our growing community.  

Virium in Exhibition

Virium was invited to exhibit the podium at the Herbert Read Gallery in 2019. An opportune moment to showcase the structure alongside the 'propaganda' poster. The symbolism of the poster reflects Virium's deceptive front; for well camouflaged plants can easily be mistaken for a more poisonous fiend. The exhibition also displayed a selection of podium drawings. 


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