Midford Street, North Facing Elevation


Site Investigation:


As Virium grows in scale and resources; the establishment requires larger facilities. Rich in history, Bath Union Workhouse is the designated site for the development. Designed by architect Simon Kempthorne, the building was erected in 1838. The hexagonal layout was based on J. Bentham's theory of panopticon. All wings of the structure lead to the hub; the core of control. Providing 360° views of site, all workers could be watched at all times....  

Site Plan Existing 1:500

1:500 Site Plan 

Midford Street 

Axonometric Site Analysis

Site Analysis Axonometric

Sunlight Environment Notations

The following notation shows the varying levels of sunlight across site. The boundaries were formed by over laying fortnightly shadow maps for the entirety of 2019, and highlighting areas accordingly. The darker the hatch, the more shaded the zone is and the lighter the hatch; the more sunlight it recieves.  

The following notation shows the most shaded areas across an interior segment of the building. The boundaries were formed by overlaying a 7am and 7pm map from the same day, once a month for a year. 

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